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11 Year Old Scouts




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Note: Depending on the day of the week you hold your Mutual activity night will determine how many weeks there are in a given month. When planning your calendar some modifications will need to be made.



Scouting Year Sep. 2011 - Aug. 2012 




Week 1


Final Registration

Week 2


Basic Camping Equipment, Knife Permit

Week 3


Stove / Lantern Permit

Week 4


Ax & Saw Permit

Weekend 1


Overnight Camp

Week 5


Match & Fire Permit

Week 6



Week 7


Plan Saturday's Hike for Leadership Skills

Week 8


Knots - 5 Common / Launchers

Weekend 2


River Clean-up & Hike

Week 9



Week 10


Emergency Kits

Week 11


Home Fire Plan

Week 12


Leadership Discussion

Weekend 3 Nov Day Camp

Week 13


Swimming - Indoor Pool

Week 14


Make Book Review Video

Week 15 Dec Invite Parents to Watch Video: Games/Snacks
Week 16 Dec Cookie Mix Jars & Christmas Party
Week 17 Dec No Scouts
Weekend 4 Dec Day Camp
Week 18 Jan Skills Night
Week 19 Jan Peer Pressure: Affects of Drugs & Alcohol 
Week 20 Jan Goal Setting & importance of education
Week 21 Jan Health & Hygiene; Water Treatment etc.
Week 22 Jan Value of Exercise; Basic Fitness Level
Weekend 5 Jan Sledding Activity
Week 23 Feb Make Clay Item or Plasticine
Week 24 Feb Make Painting Item
Week 25 Feb Make Wood or Plastic Item
Special 1 Feb Stake B-P Banquet
Week 26 Feb Swimming - Indoor Pool
Weekend 6 Feb Day Camp
Week 27 Mar Activity of Choice e.g. Night Walk with Flashlights
Week 28 Mar Build a Model
Week 29 Mar Spring Break - No Scouts
Week 30 Mar Build Store Bought Model & one additional toy
Weekend 7 Mar Scoutrees for Canada
Week 31 Apr Paint Store Bought Model
Week 32 Apr Carve Trucks - Scout House
Week 33 Apr Sand / Paint - Trucks
Week 34 Apr Research Native People
Week 35 Apr Family Tree
Weekend 8 Apr Overnight Camp
Week 36 May Go Drive/Slurpies - Visit Community Sites
Special 2 May 11 year old Scout Day Camp/Truck Rally
Week 37 May Tour Police Station - How 911 Works
Week 38 May Visit Fire hall (or other community place)
Week 39 May Provincial Symbols & Emblems, care of flags
Weekend 9 May Ward Father/Son Priesthood Commemoration
Week 40 Jun Digital Camera Photography Hike
Week 41 Jun Make a Display of Pictures/Learn about Camera's
Week 42 Jun Canoeing
Week 43 Jun Activity of Choice for Year End
Summer 1 Jul or Aug Ward Summer Scout Camp
Summer 1 Jul or Aug Ward Summer Scout Camp





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